Arts and crafts

30.06. - 06. 7. 2019Trutnov, The Czech republic
01.07. - 07. 7. 2020 Trutnov, The Czech republic

Seven days course aimed at traditional arts and crafts practice that can be taught in art lessons at elementary schools. Course participants will learn step by step to work on their very own product at ceramics workshop. The second part of our course is dedicated to making bobbin lace, designing easy patterns and ornaments and learning basic techniques which can be very well applied at art workshops. The third part is focused on making traditional lampwork beads and designing them into personal jewellery. The course participants will learn to manipulate with the torch safely, melting the glass rods and making them into the shapes wanted. After cooling down the glass beads will be used for making jewellery.

The course introduces history of each of the art techniques, web pages aimed at the art techniques. We will show you where to look for inspiration to further deepen your newly acquired skills in order to use them in your lessons.

Topic - Ceramics

  • Ceramics - introduction
  • Clay processing - theory
  • Technological procedures
  • Tools
  • Working with kiln/ceramics oven
  • Making the product
  • Tile
  • Mug
  • Decorating techniques
  • Suitable product according the pupils age
  • Ceramics for kids with special needs
  • Getting the product ready for glazing (drying out)

  • Topic - Lampwork beads
  • Activities for lessons
  • Glass as material
  • Safety rules
  • Techniques and materials
  • Torches and gas
  • Making Lampwork Beads
  • Making Beads jewellery
  • Further working with the Lampwork Beads
  • Techniques of working with wire
  • Techniques of bead working
  • Combining techniques when making jewellery

Topic - Bobbin Lace

  • history - presentation
  • Making Bobbin Lace - elementary level
  • Techniques, patterns, designs
  • Make your own Bobbin Lace
  • Bobbin Lace
  • Bobbin Lace in Art lessons at schools

Costs and course financing 

Price of the course / Fee


Accommodation costs - double room 

 include accommodation in a 4-star hotel, full board, entrance fees and other costs during your stay.


Accommodation costs - single room

 include accommodation in a 4-star hotel, full board, entrance fees and other costs during your stay. 


Costs can be financed through the Erasmus+ program.